Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to find personal satisfaction

On the heels of my last post about finding that which truly satisfies, I reflect upon what is personally satisfying to me. I already know that when I do something that "makes my heart sing" that I have made the connection to what I am meant to do.

There is all kinds of substitutes for that try to mimic that song of the heart. I know that in order to be in tune with that true connection and personal satisfaction, my mind, body and spirit needs to be clear. Clear of negative thoughts. Clear of any mind altering substances; including an overdose of sugar or other junk foods. I need to be clear enough that I can hear and feel God's voice and His presence giving me the assurance and guidance I need.

I can be inspired by the suggestions of other good people but ultimately it will be my own personal connection with truth that I want to be my guide. Right now I can make a list of what is my path for personal satisfaction but it will be only my guidepost. It is always helpful to get ideas from other people to spark what is deep within us, but the ultimately guide is very personal as we connect with our Father in Heaven and to that feeling that tells us we have discovered the truth for ourselves.

One thing I have discovered is the more I am present in the moment, the easier it is to notice when my heart sings.

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