Friday, January 23, 2015

Go For It

I am stepping up my quest to be healthy by eating more dark vegetables and whole grains. I have cooked up a bunch of quinoa to throw in many different salads and soups and use it in place of noodles. I also made some spaghetti and put it over spaghetti squash. Delish.

I have also been eating less realizing that I have been a pig.  Yes, an out and out binge eater. The healthier I eat the more my sugar cravings go away, the more energetic I feel, and the more I crave healthy foods.

I am also pushing myself a little more while I exercise. Let's face it, even if I have been exercising every day, I wasn't always pushing it to my limit. I admit it; I have been in cruise mode. I had been just going through the motions and coupled with my gorging, I was gradually getting less and less comfortable in my clothes and I refuse to have to go buy a bigger size. I am happy with my current wardrobe, thank you very much.

In life, it is easy to reach a plateau and get too comfortable and think my current diet is good enough to keep me healthy for a long time. I like this picture because it demonstrates an innate need and desire to reach new heights, and I am not talking about reaching a higher weight on the scale.

I love the challenge of pushing my self to get healthier. Old age is creeping up on me fast, and I want to be ready. I intend to live a long and healthy life. It is so much more than being thin. Save the date for August 31, 2055 for my 100 year birthday celebration.

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