Sunday, May 25, 2014

Trials and disappointment

Trials and disappointment can suck our faith and sense of humor right out of us.  I know two of my greatest gifts are my faith and my sense of humor. One, of course, light years more important than the other.

But... And I have said this a hundred million times, it is those very trials and disappointments that are my greatest test. I will fail if I don't hold unto both my faith and my sense of humor and especially if I become angry and bitter even if it is just towards those who are practicing insanity (keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. And please know that I am oftentimes in that same sorority. I have often acted insane).

I will only learn from my experience and draw closer to my Heavenly Father if I let those tests refine me and strengthen my need for His strength and direction. My experiences with insanity help me see my need to make course corrections. So to all those trials and disappointments, I say "thank you!" Thank you for helping me increase my faith.  Now if I can just find my sense of humor.....

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