Thursday, May 15, 2014

Valuable Reading

I am preparing a lesson on the witnesses of the Book of Mormon. Several men and a few women were able to see the gold plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated. Even though some of them left the church in which the book is associated with for a time and some permanently, they didn't deny what they saw.

I have to say that my personal witness of the truth and the value of the Book of Mormon doesn't only come from those witnesses some 150 years ago, but it comes from my experience reading it daily. I have experienced my own little miracles praying for specific direction and serendipitously finding the perfect message for me at the very moment I needed it. I have been brought to tears realizing God's love for me knowing that He is watching out for and helping me cope with this journey we call life.

I have also found the recorded truths that are at odds with my current beliefs and what I need to repent of and change in order to be aligned with truth. Finally reading the Book of Mormon first thing in the morning gives me a certain peace and good intention that permeates the rest of the day. I stand as a witness of the value of reading the Book of Mormon.

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