Sunday, May 18, 2014

Seeing the Glass Half Full

I love this thought that I heard years ago. Learning to see the best in people and the best in circumstances is incredibly important. Growing up with a loving and wonderful but perfectionist and oftentimes critical father, I was kind of programmed to see what is wrong. That ability was oftentimes helpful when I coached or taught someone something. I could see what was wrong and help them correct it. It has also benefited my desire for self improvement because I can clearly see my own faults and repent and work on changing it. is a focus on the negative and what I tend to focus on builds. I remember something I read years ago about how just like telling someone they are fat doesn't help them become thin, pointing out the negative doesn't actually inspire anyone to become better. It is looking for the best in people that ultimately leaves them better than I found them.

It is also especially beneficial to understand and forgive people for their short comings. In that way it gives me a lot of confidence that they will be more understanding of me and overlook my faults.   

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