Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

If you struggle with worrying about what other people think of you, consider this. Most of our upbringing was based on pleasing other people. We were often told, "What would other people think?" In school, our performance was based on the assessment of others. We were somewhat manipulated by punishment and rewards, which caused us to be dependent on the evaluation of  and competition with others.

If punishment was our form of motivation, then we learned to be prompted by fear. If there was some sort of reward attached, we disconnected with the present moment and our own feelings and learned to focus on the expected benefit in the future. And especially if we were always anticipating someone's approval, then we frantically looked outside ourselves and were always at someone's mercy.

In this way we gave away our power to feel and enjoy the moment to a trophy, a grade, or someone's control. I say, take back your own power. Learn to be your own best authority on what makes you feel connected to your true self and what God created you to be and to what brings you joy and peace.  Look within because God is within you and you can know what you are right with Him and thus right with yourself. Notice what you feel. Feelings of peace and joy let us know we are in the right place. Feelings of elevated stress or anxiety signify we are off course. We can always look to others to be inspired and somewhat directed, but the ultimate goal is to be motivated from within and directed by healthy emotions.

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