Friday, March 9, 2012

Mistakes Are Okay

It is okay to make mistakes. Sometimes that is the best way to learn. Sometimes that is the ONLY way to learn. Take for example the statistics class I am currently taking. When I get a problem wrong on the online quiz, I realize I have to go back and restudy it to get more clarity and then I do get to retake the quiz and correct that which I got wrong the first time based on what I learned from my mistake. I realize that I learn more when I do make a mistake. I know that if I would have accidentally guessed right on some of the questions and not gotten them wrong, I would have missed the chance to go back over the material and understand it at a deeper level. Sometimes it really is the mistake that makes me learn more rather than getting it right the first time.

Life is like that. I am given the chance to make mistakes, but because of the Atonement my mistakes don't have to define me or determine the final outcome. I can repent for my mistakes and then learn from them. Instead of being ashamed, I can even be grateful for my mistakes because they are the means by which I learn more and ultimately realize my dependence and appreciation for my Savior and His atonement.

Knowing this is true, I can relax a little and know that I don't have to be perfect. I can also go forward with more faith and confidence knowing that I don't have to always do it right. I can take a little more risk. I can do something bold and daring knowing that even if it is a mistake, I can still learn from it and do differently next time. This is not to say that I will plan to do things wrong--I don't have to, I will just naturally do it (call it a gift). I just won't worry and be so afraid of doing something wrong because that worry can ultimately keep me from doing something great. I just have to settle for a few mistakes along the way so I can learn. That's what first children are for.

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Our Family said...

Tanya -
Hope it's okay but I'm going to use use this post in my talk on the atonement on Sunday. I read it and thought it was perfect. Thank you!