Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Some people give me too much credit for what they think is ambition for going to school. The real reason is not only that I have a lot to learn but that I need a deadline. (I'm still trying not to admit that I'm also a nerd) I sometimes lack the ability to focus and complete things I want to accomplish and so I need the incentive that a deadline gives me. I do love to make goals but unless I have that threat of a missed assignment or bad grade hovering over me, I can get so easily sidetracked and unproductive. School is a great discipline for me to study and write in a more challenged way. Instead of just coasting, I have to stretch.

I know that all the time that I had young children that I had built-in deadlines and reasons to stay focused and productive. Every mother knows that life is easier with children when we are one step ahead of the game rather than lagging behind all day, and so I had to be focused and ambitious or chaos would break out (it did anyway). Now that they are grown up and on their own, most of those built-in deadlines are gone and to keep me from just dragging mindlessly with no focus or ambition, I go to school. I guess some people do that with a job, but with Taco Time as the pinnacle of my work experience, getting accepted back in school was easier. Besides, I need to look busy enough so I won't be required to do all my own cleaning. So please, don't be too impressed.

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