Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hope is Going Around Excuses

I have let excuses get in my way and have to admit that I probably want to subconsciously find an excuse to keep me from doing something that might be risky. The interesting thing is that even positive change in my life can seem like a risk because change can be difficult, even when a change can provide a better life. There can be a sort of comfort in what I am use to and so I resist change. It seems to be a natural thing for us all.

I do think that life should be about progression and I know there will always be a force that fights again that kind of growth. Sometimes that force comes from someone or something else, but oftentimes it comes from inside of me. It is always good for me to look inside and honestly access what it is that is holding me back. Do I believe in myself? Do I really believe I deserve it? Am I afraid of too much success? Am I afraid I might get too full of ego if I succeed at something wonderful? Am I afraid of failure? Do I believe that I can't succeed or that I really won't finish the goals I've set so why even start? Am I afraid of the unknown? Let's face it, sometimes finding and making excuses is easier than change or doing something hard, but going around those excuses can give hope for something better.

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