Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rules vs Spirit

Just came to a big realization. I have put way too much stock in rules. I know I was born a rule follower but it is about time that I move up and realize the ultimate goal of following rules is to feel the Spirit and then let the Spirit be my guide, not the rules.

I still think about the visual image of the star with the points signifying all five dimensions--spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social. I have been making (and breaking) rules for each dimension and it finally came to me that if I want to be better at relaxing that I had better just make a statement about what I want to be in each area and focus on that and let the behavior naturally follow. I just purchased a cute star at a summer fair that I have hanging in my office and I have put post it notes on the points of what I want to become instead of do in each area. Brilliant. Well, it would have been brilliant if I would have thought of it much, much sooner. Now I just feel like I have been quite remedial.

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