Sunday, July 3, 2011

Extended Families

I just got back from a little family reunion. I have a great extended family that is so much fun to be with IF you have thick skin. We laugh and make fun of each other like no other family I know. There are so many jokes that go on and on and on. You really have to be careful what you say and do because no one will let you forget something stupid you did. My son Jake says he has to be careful what his aunt says because he is still living with the jokes of what she accidentally said about him.

Like all the jokes about taking pictures in a height line. As a child, my cousins and I had to pose in a height line for pictures at Christmas. We tried to carry on the tradition with my kids generation only to be made fun of. We have long stopped the height-line pictures but the jokes about it are eternal. Most of my kids and their cousins have this genetic sarcasm that is alive and well. I am trying to figure out where they got it? Nonetheless, I am thankful for such a fun family.

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