Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unfair Awareness-Comparisons

I have often been guilty of a very unfair awareness. I am aware of my faults but then I am so aware of other people's strengths (because we so want to hide our weaknesses and difficulties so they aren't as visible) that I can thus feel like I don't measure up. I then am tempted to find fault in them to make myself feel better.

To feel better about myself, the cure is not in finding fault with others, but a greater awareness of my strengths. When I focus on what I am good at and celebrate that then I am in a better position to celebrate other people and what they are good at. God said that He gave all of us gifts and to be jealous of what He has given someone else creates ingratitude for what He has given me. So now when I see someone's thick luscious hair, gorgeous and flawless face, beautiful singing voice, and on and on, I will just be grateful that I am a gifted sleeper and have a strong bladder. No, it's not useful in a talent competition but at least I wake up refreshed and traveling without sanitary bathrooms is a lot easier. Who says God isn't fair in His distribution of gifts?

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Anonymous said...

ok, i know you've always been envious of my thick flowing perfect hair...who wouldn't be. but anyone who can make me laugh out loud while reading a blog has one wonderful gift. i hope you're grateful for your wit because i sure am.