Saturday, February 12, 2011


It is easiest for me to see my weaknesses because I have sort of been programmed to see the glass half empty. I do know that God has given me weaknesses and promised that if I turn to Him that He will turn those weaknesses into strengths. I believe for me to focus on just my weaknesses is only looking at one side of my gifts. I know that my Father has also given me strengths and to ignore them is to ignore His unique gifts to me. At the same time that I am open and aware of my weaknesses, I want to be vigilant in recognizing and being thankful for my strengths.

Having a tremendous amount of faith is one of the greatest strengths that Heavenly Father has given me. It isn't something that I can take credit for but it is a gift that I must nourish and grow. I do know that my challenges in life and my weaknesses make it so much more obvious how much I need this strength of faith. It is in the most difficult circumstances that I have had to draw upon that strength.

In counting my blessings, I am going to name my strengths one by one. Does anyone have a magnifying glass I can borrow? Sometimes it is harder for me to see the good.

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