Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Make my own happiness

The day life really begins is the day I decide to make my own happiness. It has taken me a long time of being in a relationship in which the other person struggles with depression to really know that no one can or should bring me down. It is only when I let them have that kind of power that I am unhappy.

When I let them figure out their own happiness and just try and love them, help when asked or when divinely inspired, and be a good example by focusing on what brings me joy; that I start to rise above and discover my own passion and direction. It is giving myself permission to enjoy life in spite of someone's misery. My joining in and worrying about their unhappiness only adds an extra burden on them and obviously doesn't work for me.

It really keeps going back to working on the only person I have control over. Well some control. Let's admit that I have a hard time controlling myself. Sugar has great power.

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