Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anxiety Buster

Each morning I do my best at taking time to read something inspirational, particularly scriptures but anything else I am drawn to. When I do so, I do it with the prayerful intent that I will discover something I need to know. For me going "within" is actually seeking that deep soulful connection I have with my Heavenly Father.

When I do this, miracles happen. I discover truths that course correct me. I discover false beliefs I have held onto that hold me back. I discover principles that lead me into a positive and hopeful direction.

Doing this everyday keeps me in a good place even when things are going great and can certainly provide the strong foundation when difficulties arise. When I am hit with something that can create a sort of anxiety, this daily practice even becomes more essential and easier to turn to because of the habit developed. It becomes  a great way to find peace, strength, and much needed direction. It is a great anxiety buster.

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