Saturday, October 26, 2013

60 Goals

My kids are some of my greatest teachers. Today we had our family Halloween party and one of my sons wasn't there because he had gone to Denver to watch a Broncos game. His wife told me that it was on his list of 40 goals to be completed before he turns 40 just like he had done with the 30 goals before his 30th birthday.

Since my 60th birthday (give me a minute to catch my breath) is just a couple of years away, I thought I should make a list of 60 things I want to accomplish before I am 60. My daughter suggested I put sky diving on that list. I don't think so. Instead maybe the list should include:

1. pick out a good nursing home-maybe put together that sorority house for women without husbands because lets face it, most of us will probably outlive our husband and we will need a place to socialize and party.
2. shop for support shoes-maybe start a design company for fashionable support shoes. I mean life won't be worth living without cute shoes.
3. make regular appointments to have random facial hair removed

Seriously, I think Gabe had a great idea and so I will start compiling my list of 60 things.

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