Friday, February 15, 2013

The Healer's Art

It never ceases to amaze me how much of an impact a single sentence in a book, a thought spoken by someone, or in this case, a few words in a hymn can have on my soul and outlook. Going to church one day with a heavy heart, I read the words "I would learn the healer's art" in a hymn (as a favor to those sitting in front of me, I know it's better to just read the words rather than trying to sing them). Because the master healer is my Savior, Jesus Christ; if I want to learn the healer's art, I must learn from him.

What I know about the Savior is that he did not reject or condemn the sinners. He spent time with them and taught others to love and forgive. He was the most critical of those who professed to be righteous because they lived the letter of the law and harshly judged others if they didn't. He doesn't punish or hurt us for sinning, He knows that natural consequences of our sins will be our own punishment and only wants to lovingly rescue us from our pain. He did not allow people to throw rocks at the adulterer, but compelled them to realize that they too are sinners.

I know that I have been better able to heal from my weaknesses and inadequacies as I have felt the unconditional love of my Savior and experienced His patience as I struggle to overcome. As He has so lovingly afforded me that kind of forgiveness, I need to also forgive.

I have often reminded others and continually remind myself that people don't necessarily try to hurt others when they do offend us or blatantly sin, they have just been misguided in the way they seek relief from their own pain. Why would I then want to inflict more pain by seeking to reject, condemn, judge, and punish.

I need to be like my Savior and be more understanding of the pain that is at the root of the offense. Never excusing or justifying the sin because He did tell the woman accused of adultery to go and sin no more; but because she felt loved and understood instead of condemned, I believe she will be in a better position to resist seeking that dangerous path for comfort. I know from experience that it is that kind of understanding and compassion that will heal the pain and then automatically heal the tendency to seek relief in a harmful way. 

Christ is the master healer and His art is to love, understand, and heal. I have felt that from Him and when I choose to reflect His example in how I respond to others, I have seen miraculous healing. I have immense gratitude for Him and what I can experience and benefit from even in the most difficult experiences because He is THE great healer. I am trying to be like Jesus. I have a long, long, long way to go.


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