Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Yesterday I was back in the pool after a couple of months absence. The minute I walked in, the nostalgic smell of chlorine reminded me I was in a place of comfort. As I put on my fashionable swim cap that coordinates with my swimsuit, I knew that even that little touch makes the experience all the more enjoyable for me. Putting on the goggles reminds me that I am a serious swimmer, and that I am willing to look geeky to do it right. (What is my excuse for the rest of the day? you wonder.)

As I entered the water, I was grateful that the temperature was comfortable, and then quickly gliding through water I felt like I was cutting through silk. In the beginning, my goggles were clear and I could see everything; but gradually they fogged up, and I sensed I was in this private cocoon with nothing but my own thoughts. Swimming offers a unique meditative experience. I think deeply and I even say a silent prayer. I prayed that the warm spot I went through wasn't what I thought it could be. And finally, after spending that hour swimming, I love the exhilarating feeling that lasts well into the day. 

How grateful I am that I can still participate in a sport that I loved at such a young age. I appreciate my parents providing regular and synchronized swimming lessons and eventually a pool. I spent a lot of time learning and playing at the Layton pool and eventually at our own.  I loved that we would go to Bear Lake every year and spend hours in the water. I was grateful that I could pursue a class in college to fine tune my stroke and eventually get my life saving certificate. I never worked as a life guard but as a college student, I did teach swimming lessons to young children as they learned to take their first strokes. That was a rewarding experience. Oh how good it feels to experience joy.

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