Monday, February 25, 2013

Peaceful Warrior Movie

One of the weirdest coincidences happened yesterday. Early in the morning I wrote my blog on finding internal joy and peace, and then later that night Kev and I finally watched this movie that his personal trainer gave him awhile ago. It portrayed so beautifully what I was inadequately trying to say that very day. Crazy huh?

The Peaceful Warrior is an inspirational movie that is a must see especially if you want to better understand what I was trying to get across. I want to watch it again and discuss it with some other people who like to process. If any of you watch it, give me a call and we'll talk. Kev just isn't one to process like I would like to. "Good movie, do you want a sandwich?" is all I got from him, and so I sit starved for more discussion.

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yvonne said...

count me in! i love discussing books, movies, ideas and life!