Friday, December 16, 2011

Church Cancelled

One of the most interesting blessings of the storm came a couple of days later when church was cancelled and neighbors were encouraged to help each other clean up before the next scheduled storm that was suppose to come later that night. The blessing wasn't in the fact that we didn't have to go to church but in the benefit of giving and receiving service that was shared in the next week's church service.

I have to say that I missed out on all the work because I was attending my granddaughter's blessing and dinner celebration in an area that wasn't so affected by the storms so their church wasn't cancelled. I know I was where I should have been and wanted to be and loved hearing my son give his daughter a beautiful blessing and enjoyed socializing at the dinner in their home, and in my imagination I could also feel the emotional experience and fun my home ward was having as they helped each other clean up from the storm. I felt the double blessing of being with my family and then feeling the emotions of my ward family as they experienced a unique opportunity.

I find it interesting that the scheduled storm that was suppose to come later that Sunday never came. Something to think about...

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