Thursday, December 15, 2011

Benefit of the Storm

For those that don't live on the Wasatch Front, you are probably unaware of the big storm that we had more than a week ago that created a lot of damage and left us without power for an entire day. I now want to reflect on the good that came out of that terrible storm.

1. I have new appreciation for electricity. How many times I would keep trying to switch on a light during that day only to have to remember, "Oh yea, we don't have power" or longed to use an appliance and realized how much I have taken it for granted.

2. I have new appreciation for firemen. At just the moment I was lamenting that I would be stranded for at least 24 hours before our lawn care could come and remove the downed tree that blocked our entire driveway, a fire truck pulled up and came to the door to ask if I wanted them to cut it up and move it. I didn't know they offered that service and I was so grateful that they showed up so quickly.

3. I have new appreciation for my lawn care serviceman, Dan. I appreciate how quickly he came to our rescue and spent an entire day and night here cleaning up the mess of several trees that fell, and his thoughtful concern of wanting to be fair and honest with us. I am thankful that I can completely trust him and for his hard work in servicing us so well.

4. I have new appreciation for a home that I can feel safe and secure in and for the comforts that I feel even when the winds were blowing so intensely outside.

5. I have a new appreciation for a ward family and for a good Bishop who reached out to his flock to offer support and direction, and for other ward members who were reaching out. It is nice to have such a great support system that is right in the neighborhood.

5. I have new appreciation for the crews of our power company and their hard work and diligence in restoring power. I appreciate the families of those employees that sacrificed for the good of the community.

6. I have greater commitment to get better prepared in case a real tragedy occurs. I am going to buy that generator that in times of calm, I am not motivated to acquire. This has been a great reminder of how important preparation is.

Lately I have been given great opportunity for increased appreciation for the little things that I can so easily take for granted. I will always look at a "storm" as being a reminder of being grateful and being prepared.

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