Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Control vs Influence

While I was pondering the statement from Alma 38:12 about bridling my passions so that I can be filled with love, I realized that it is always important to bring my passions or enthusiasm under control. It is a great reminder that I am the only person I can really control. There is an area in which I can have influence but not control. And there is an even broader area in which I have concern but neither control or influence.

Let's take politics, for example. It seems like there is a lot of unbridle passion for this election and people don't seem to be filled with love. I know that the more energy I spend on that circle of concern in which I have neither control or influence over, the angrier it can make me. Peace and love only reside in staying focused on what I can control and then with the extra energy I have, using it to be a positive influence.

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