Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just be you

In a world that is externally driven, it is too easy to get caught up in being consumed with what other people think. I was reminded of how controlled I am with the opinions of others when I was drawn to an intensely colorful dress. I naturally loved it, but I was surprised to discover how quickly my inner inclination was drowned out by an inner critic's voice that came in the form of someone's preference against colorful clothing. I then had a chorus of voices declaring their opposition to what I was naturally drawn to.

Now the question that comes to me is, why would I let someone's opinion overshadow my own preference? What can I do to more fully find the real me and fully embrace my uniqueness.

This self discovery is so much more than giving myself permission to buy the dress I am drawn to. It is about being my authentic self. Being true to the person my Heavenly Father created me to be. It is not about seeking the easy way or the path of least resistance. It is not giving myself permission to break commandments or living a purely selfish life. It is about being so close to the Spirit that I know who I am and what I stand for. It is seeking truth and righteousness--the universal truth that applies to everyone, and the truth that applies to me individually.

The truth is I love color. I am outspoken and mostly extroverted, although I can get rather introverted when I fear the opinion of others (interesting discovery). I could always use a little more diplomacy when it comes to universal truths, but I will continue to speak out for that which I know is right for me. That includes my clothes. I will choose the colorful clothes I am naturally drawn to. Dull colors aren't for me.

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