Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pivotal Moments

There are pivotal moments in our lives.

One such moment for me was a time in high school when a classmate told me she was careful not to take medication for headaches or other minor pain because she felt like she wanted to build up a tolerance for pain and save the medication for really severe pain. She felt like if she took medication for the small pain, she knew it would just take more serious medication for the bigger pain. I knew what she shared was valuable truth, and it was advice that I followed and one of the most pivotal decisions of my life.

Yesterday I visited a relative in the hospital who is struggling with poor health and has been for years. As I talked with her daughter, she shared with me that her mom didn't find healthy solutions for her pain (both physical and emotional) but always just reached for medication. It seems like that habit has caught up with her and now nothing brings her relief, and it seems the pain medication is just making her sicker.

Just like in this picture, some paths we take don't seem different than another path. From our present viewpoint, we can't see the end result. I am grateful for wise mentors in my life that have seen the results at the end of both paths and can give me sage advice. I am grateful for that still small voice that brings that sweet confirmation of what is truth and what choices now will bring me the best results down the road. 

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