Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Mother's Love-Our Savior's Love

I just watched the movie Steel Magnolias. I was deeply touched by the love of a mother. Even though the daughter ignored her mother's and doctor's advice to not have a baby due to her medical condition, her mother willingly donated her kidney that was damaged because of the pregnancy.

I realize it was just a movie, but the message was profound. A mother's love extends and makes up for even those times when a child doesn't listen and follow advice.

It is a great reminder of our Savior's love at a greater and more infinite level. We too ignore advice that comes in the form of a commandment which was initiated to keep us safe and happy. But in spite of our defiance, our Savior willingly suffered for our transgression and is ready to heal us from the negative consequences of our choices. At this Easter season, I am profoundly grateful and indebted to my Savior for His infinite love and compassion on my behalf.

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