Monday, June 24, 2013

How Can I Make This Better?

When I find something that is frustrating or annoying, one of my favorite mantras is to ask myself, "How can I make this better?" So many times I am inclined to be content to be frustrated with something and complain about it instead of asking that important question. When I do ask that question, it is amazing the creative juices that start flowing and how satisfying it is to solve a simple problem with a creative solution. For example, I recently realized there was a frustrating and negative feeling in my office. I did some dejunking and a little reorganizing to make it work better for me, and it is incredibly satisfying what a difference changing how I organize or arrange something can make. Giving and throwing away stuff I don't need or use seems to clear out a stuck or negative feeling and opens up more possibilities. (Possibility to have more room to go shopping! Kidding, I have more than enough) Changing the position of my desk also created a whole new place to create a more conducive place for writing that feels a whole lot better.  I have done this kind of dejunking and reorganizing in several places in my home lately and life just gets better and better. The icing on the cake for me was when I decided that my desk needed some fresh, fragrant flowers. Love what that little touch did for the room and for me.

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