Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great Teachers Series-Goldilocks

I have had some great teachers. There are so many people to learn from and one great teacher is Goldilocks. Now I am not talking about her shameful example of breaking in and entering, I am referring to her ability to seek for, expect, and find the happy balance in the middle--not too much or not too little. It is in the middle where I find joy, and I am better learning to trust my instincts in that little barometer inside of me that warns when I am doing or having too much or too little. There is danger in trying to be too perfect or allow too much imperfection. It is unhealthy to eat too little or eat too much. I suffer when I have too much help and when I don't have enough. I can have too much stuff or not enough to really enjoy myself. I can be too busy and thus stressed or not busy enough and then bored. I can have too many challenges or not enough to really engage my full potential. I can think too deeply or be pretty shallow. I can try to be too organized or not organized enough. I can even trust too much or be too suspicious. I love that I have the Spirit as my guide to find that unique place in which I feel joy and peace. The place where it is just right.


Alesa said...

And isn't it interesting that Goldilocks finds her balance in the baby bear's places and that Christ tells us to be as a little child.

Tanya said...

Alesa, I have never thought of that. Thanks for pointing that out.