Thursday, January 24, 2013

Spinning Plates

Back in the dark ages, when I was young, there were performers that would spin plates on a stick. The goal was to keep all the plates spinning so that they wouldn't fall and break. The entertainer would start new plates spinning and frantically go back and forth to the other plates to keep them going, only to have several that would start to topple and fall. Yes, it was a pathetic form of entertainment (remember, we didn't have facebook and iphones), but it is a performance I have been repeating all my life.

My plates are goals and resolutions and invariably I get a few spinning nicely but I start focusing on spinning a new one only to have the previous ones topple and fall. I think I have gotten drinking lots of water spinning quite nicely; only to start to focus on reading more, and whoops, my water drinking plate fell and broke.  Story of my life. I'm just grateful I have an eternity to get this all down. In the meantime, I put on a nice performance.

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