Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In the last two days I went from the top picture to the bottom. It was kind of shocking, but yet; isn't it great that both kind of climates can be their own kind of wonderful. The first, basking in the sun with the sound of the waves is so wonderfully relaxing. In the second, there seems to be a sort of stillness that is soothing. Cold, but soothing. The first scene is conducive to flip flops (aren't you glad I didn't use the old term?), and the second allows for boots and scarfs. The first climate is perfect for playing in the ocean and sand and enjoying shaved ice. The second invites sledding, snow angels, a cozy fire, and hot chocolate. Both climates have something wonderful to offer. It is all a matter of attitude and the ability to embrace what is available instead of wishing for what isn't. I love it all.

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