Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fall to my Knees

There have been some dark moments in my life in which I had to fall to my knees several times a day to get the comfort, peace, and direction I desperately needed. Today I was overcome with gratitude because of my many blessings, and realized that I should be falling to my knees to give thanks as often as when I need help.

My daughters and I were watching a college lecture on the Islam religion, and I thought about how they kneel several times a day to pray. Somehow I can't see us doing that here in our culture, but I want to be better at offering up a prayer when I feel grateful. It is something I really should feel all the time and give credit where credit is due.  If you see me at Nordstroms with a pair of new shoes that I have just purchased kneeling at the counter, you'll know.  Seriously though, it isn't the material stuff that I am the most grateful for.

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