Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Step Inside

I have inherited an uptight state of being. I know that I have been programmed to accomplish and achieve, but with that focus there is a level of tenseness that is out of harmony with what I read in the scriptures this morning. As I reflected on the words, "entering into the rest of the Lord" (Moroni 7:3); I realized that the Sabbath isn't the only time to rest and that in my quest for peace and joy, that I need to loose the uptight sensations that I carry throughout my body and truly enter His rest. I must truly embrace that He is in control; not me and all the tenseness that I allow thinking that it is all up to me. 

As I have been sitting at my computer writing and organizing information for the book I plan to write, I felt that anxiety that is now starting to feel out of place in my quest for joy and peace, and I knew that I needed to step inside my heart and breath deeply as I let go of the pressures that I used to believe would be my best motivator. Now I want to be motivated by joy. I really don't HAVE to write a book. I want to, and in the wanting, I can feel relaxed and joyful. All I have to do is step inside my heart and enter God's rest.

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