Sunday, September 2, 2012


Last night we had the most incredible rainstorm and after the initial burst, the sun was setting and casting a florescent green glow horizontally beneath the clouds and light rain. The color from trees and plants seemed to be reaching in through our windows as a form of deep gratitude signifying that something truly miraculous was happening outside. When I walked out to experience the magic, I saw a double rainbow and felt the wonder of God's creation and knew the plants had been generously blessed by the rain.

This morning as I continued to savor the memory of that unique brush with nature, I knew that there was an important lesson for me. Just like the plants need water, we all are in need of some kind of replenishment. We all need love and validation, and we all will glow just like the plants when we receive that kind of watering.

From both of our families, Kev and I have been trained in sarcasm and teasing. While that can be fun in small doses, what I really need is to express and feel that kind of love and validation that makes us all truly shine. Is all teasing and sarcasm really does is make me feel funny for a moment but it doesn't really nourish and replenish someone's soul. As cheesy as it sounds, last night I experienced the joy and gratitude of the plants when they were abundantly nourished. I want to do that with people.

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