Saturday, September 1, 2012


I had a fabulous birthday yesterday. My friends and family were so kind and generous. This morning I looked at some flowers that my daughter brought me that I had quickly put in a vase of water as we hurried off to a concert, and realized that they didn't look very appealing because I hadn't taken the time to arrange them. After I took a few minutes to place them in a more pleasing and artistic way, I realized what a difference a little arranging can do.

Because I am weird like that (and in so many other ways), I can see the analogy to life. Everything is better when I take the time to do a little arranging. Being better at arranging and organizing my time is a big priority for me right now. I know that I want to do more service and make more valuable contributions, and so that will big a focus for me--to be better at arranging my time and life. Given that my birthday was yesterday, today is the start of a new and better year. I love fresh starts and a chance to make fresh arrangements.

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Steph said...

Be prepared, if I ever need to find a speaker for something I'm coming to you ;) You are amazing and I learn so much from all of your analogies.. I hope some day I can be as wise and in tune as you!