Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I have been praying for truth lately and it is amazing what has been shown to me. Sometimes it is hard to see the truth about myself and could explain why I don’t often like looking in mirrors. I don’t want to see how bad I might look, and to be in denial seems easier.

I have experienced that there is a pattern in all things, and for me seeing the pattern in not wanting to look in a physical mirror has significance in not wanting to see my ugly spiritual, mental, emotional, and social self. Honestly, I have spent my whole life avoiding mirrors in public. Some of you might be thinking that I have avoided mirrors when I do my hair, which would explain a lot to you.

Sometimes that ugly part of me shows up in the mirror that Heavenly Father provides for me in other people. I have often seen something in someone else that is so much like me; and I have found that rather than condemn that person, that I should be grateful that Heavenly Father has provided me with that reflection of myself that I might learn from it and repent. I am going to be more aware of the mirrors in my life so I can see myself better and then fix my flaws and possible do something about my unruly hair.

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