Sunday, February 21, 2016

My personal 13 articles of faith

It has been valuable for me to learn about other people's beliefs but that is just a means to another end. The next step is to take that knowledge and come to an understanding for myself of the truths of the gospel because of my own study and experience.  It is important to get clear about what I personally believe so I have direction in what I do and hopefully become. With that in mind,  I felt impressed to write my personal 13 articles of faith.

1. I believe in my Heavenly Father''s unconditional love for me. I believe He hears and answers my prayers.

2. I believe that my Savior atoned for my sins and I trust in His redeeming power to forgive my sins and to give me strength to overcome. I believe He is the only one who can save me and that He is the supreme example of what I want to strive to become.

3. I believe in the spirit of the Holy Ghost who comforts, provides divine inspiration, and directs my path and delivers the blessings of the Atonement.

4. I believe in the truths taught in the scriptures and know that they serve me in my quest for truth. I believe the scriptures have powerful lessons that give me personal direction.

5. I believe that the prophet and apostles are called of God and teach profound truths and provide insight, inspiration, and warn me of the false teachings and traditions of the world.

6. I believe that the commandments manifest my Heavenly Father's love for me and His desire that I experience joy and peace and draw closer to Him and feel His love. I also believe that the commandments are for my own profit and learning and not to be used to judge or condemn others.

7. I believe that there is an inherent and natural consequence when I break the commandments.I believe Heavenly Father doesn't punish me nor should I try to punish other people, but recognize that repentance and it’s outpouring of love is the way to be forgiven and realign as I continue striving to live free of sin.

8. I believe in the divine gift of family and know that there is a connecting bond that can last through the eternities. I believe that the sealing power performed in the temple is the ultimate connection to not only to my immediate family but is also meant to connect the entire human family in a spirit of love and harmony.

9. I believe we are all our brothers keepers and that it is important to serve. I believe in kindness and about recognizing the importance and equality of each individual as a son or daughter of God and believe in empowering people to be able to do what they can for themselves.

10. I believe that the church provides opportunities for me to serve, teach, and live in a organized community of people who can lift, inspire, and take care of me as I take care of them. I believe that an organized religion can do so much collectively to teach the gospel and provide humanitarian relief. I also believe that I need to guard against cultural traditions that can so easily develop in religious communities that aren't in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

11. I believe in the importance and power of partaking the sacrament each week. It is a cleansing and strengthening ritual that helps me remember my Savior's atonement in my behalf and it helps remind me of my promise to take on His name and helps me remember the blessing of wanting His Spirit always with me.

12. I believe I am here to learn from my experience. I believe that my weaknesses, sins, and adversity serve a valuable purpose in helping me draw closer to my Savior and experience the blessings of the atonement. I believe in an eternal quest of learning and improving and believe adversity and sin are important parts of that progress

13. I believe it is up to me to do all I can to live a healthy and productive life spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. I believe I was born to find personal purpose and to find and create meaning, and that I am a free agent to organize and create the kind of life I want and how I respond to what happens to me. I also believe it is vitally important to make sure my creative efforts are in line with God’s will because He knows what is best for me.


yvonne said...

Tanya this is beautiful and insightful. Thanks again for inspiring me.

Joni & Clay Henderson said...

Love this Tanya...I say AMEN to each and every statement!