Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New Year-Come unto Christ

I love the start of something new. This year I am making it my quest to come closer to my Savior and love as He loves. That is the only real goal that matters. Every other worthy goal just leads to that end. That is the ultimate goal and every other goal in my life will have that end in mind.

I have just started to reread the book Jesus the Christ and plan to actually finish it for the first time. On the recommendation of a woman I admire and look up to, Lynette Checketts; in addition of course to reading the New Testament, I am also reading the Kingdom and the Crown series by Gerold Lund. I am hoping that I gain more Christ-like attributes as I learn more about Him and His life.

Sometime in the first of this new year, will have the opportunity to move into a new home and establish new routines and traditions that will make it a Christ-centered environment where those I love can gather and enjoy each other and worthy and wholesome pursuits.

This year I will also accomplish my goal of writing a book as a gift to myself for the next Christmas. I say a gift to myself because I know I will gain the most from writing it and hopefully others will benefit from reading it. I don't plan to financially benefit as I plan to put the proceeds from selling the book (just might be that one copy my mom buys) to a charitable foundation. Maybe I will have enough money to fund an ant farm. 

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