Monday, September 9, 2013

August Flew By

What a great month I had. It was so eventful that I didn't have time to post each day like I had planned to.

I finally did something I have always wanted to do. Since both of our husbands were out of town, Taylee and I packed our bags and headed to the airport and just asked the person at the desk where we could fly using our miles for just a couple of days. She suggested Newport Beach (which coincidentally we both wanted to go) and off we went on the next flight out. We had a grand time.

We came home late one night and I had to quickly unpack, do some washing, and repack for an early flight out to Seattle with Kev the next morning. I love to travel and so that little bit of late night "chore" was really my dream come true--unpacking and repacking all at once!

Kev and I had a glorious time in a quaint little cabin on the coast of Washington. We had the unique opportunity of learning from a doctor who is an adjunct professor at UofU medical school and oversees research on brain functioning and well-being. It was an enlightening and life-changing experience. Something I am going to learn more about and hopefully teach others.

We arrived home just a couple of hours before our 40th high school reunion (UGH, that is painful to write let alone publicly admit!) Unfortunately I didn't have time for some botox treatments and so I had to go looking as old as I am. Luckily I was able to leave my walker home and navigate without it for a couple of hours. Seriously, it was great seeing old classmates. Hard to believe it has been that long.

The next couple of weeks were filled with several one-day trips to Park City with friends and a weekend getaway with just Kev and I to Island Park. The month ended with a bang because on my birthday, we sailed away on a cruise to Alaska with my Mom and siblings and spouses. It was a spectacular journey filled with a lot of laughter and great walks down memory lane with my family.

I am now in love with August, and with any month for that matter because now I know everything is what I make it. If it is to be, it is up to me.  I now know that nothing can make me happy. I have to create it my own happiness. I just made August a happy month.  

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