Monday, August 29, 2011

Win or Have Fun?

I had a sleepover with a granddaughter and we did the Wii Just Dance for our morning exercise. After each song, she would ask who won. Being the dancing diva that I like to pretend that I am, of course I won. I mean, I am competing with a four-year-old; I had better win or those years of dance lessons would have been wasted. Anyway, this sweet granddaughter kept feeling bad that I kept winning, not to mention the trash talk that I was dishing out (kidding, I'm cruel but not quite that cruel), and so I realized I had to let her win or have a different approach. The competitive spirit in me and the desire to really get a challenging work out couldn't let her win, and so when she would ask who won, I asked her if she had fun. When she said she did then I said she was a winner, and I had fun too so we both were winners. Pretty soon, after each song she was just saying, "I had fun, so I won!" A good way to approach all competitive sports, don't you think?

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