Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Unmade Bed

How really important is it to make the bed every morning? I know that there is a comedian (I know his name starts with a G but the memory wheels are still churning, slower these days you know...Gaffigan, that's it) who says that making the bed every morning is like tying your shoes after you take them off. Does seem kind of silly but...

For years, because a certain person got up later than I did, I stopped making my bed regularly and really convinced myself that it wasn't that important to go back up to my room and make the bed. Now for me, I think otherwise. I have discovered that the simple practice of putting the bed in order first thing in the morning sets a pattern of orderliness for the rest of the day. Then at night, walking into the room and crawling into a nice, neat bed has a calming effect that ends the day on that same orderly note.

I realize that there are some suggestions/rules that were kind of forced on me and that I have obeyed out of blind obedience because someone else told me I should, and I just kept the rule not really appreciating or understanding the value. Hey I'm pretty good at keeping rules, even dumb ones. In this case it wasn't until I ignored the suggestion for a time and then started to relive it that I discovered for myself how really beneficial the rule was and not just because obeying what I was told to do is important, but because the rule had a greater purpose. Okay, so today I made the bed and life's wrinkles seemed a little smoother all day long. Just not on my face.

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