Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My daughter-in-law posted this little dialog between my cute little barely-four-year-old twin granddaughters on her blog, and I had to share it:

"While diving home tonight I told the kids they had a "choice". They could either get their jobs done tonight so that we could just get up and go swimming in the morning, or they could do them in the morning and go swimming a little later. Here's the conversation that followed.
Aldey(with a very concerned, serious voice): Mom, I lost my choices. They are not in my room. I can't find them.
Mom: You lost your choices?
Adley: Yes. They aren't in my room. I can't find them.
Brecklyn: Adley, you can't loose your choices.
Adley: Yes you can. Where are your choices?
Brecklyn: I don't know.
Adley: That means you lost them Brecklyn!"

Isn't that sometimes true about us? I know that I have often acted like I have lost my choices and instead think that I have to be the victim. This little encounter reminds me that I always have choices. I only loose them when I give them away. I am going to hold onto my choice to be happy because it is always MY choice.

PS This cute picture of Adley and Breckly was taken the day of the royal wedding. Adley, the one that lost her choices is holding the veil. I guess she lost the choice to be the bride!

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Jan Best said...

What a powerful lesson from two beautiful little girls.