Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence, just say NO to Hollywood

It is no surprise that the morals in our country are slowly going down hill. But I just read something that was extremely troubling to me.

A news feed said that Jennifer Lawrence admitted she had to get drunk in order to do a sex scene for a movie. I guess it bothered her that her costar was married and she felt uncomfortable doing it. I can't help but think that her internal sense of being was going to be violated and it appears she had to alter it with alcohol so she could do something that was possibly against her inherent moral code.

It is time we collectively stand up for our moral values and courageously stop this trend. Jennifer Lawrence, you are a gifted actress and if you stand up and say, "this doesn't make me feel comfortable," then maybe we can reclaim the moral values in movies that will positively support individuals, marriages, families and communities. 

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